Some people say that prayers are not enough.

Why would we sit idly by and simply pray? The notion is there isn’t enough power in our prayers to make any difference in the reality of real, living, people, but this is NOT the case.

There is still a mighty God in Heaven who is neither surprised nor taken back by what he sees happening in the world.

The pandemic and the riots, the burning of scripture…all of these things are precursors to something coming.

Ultimately there is an unseen enemy lurking in the background undermining people of faith, the church, and every godly value we hold dear.

But when you realize that our prayers are directed in the name of JESUS, to the God who created the universe from NOTHING, by using his WORDS ALONE, you begin to realize that…prayer is the greatest force we have at our disposal!

When people pray…walls fall.

When people pray…devils tremble.

When people pray…God comes and finishes the work that we cannot do by ourselves.

Most importantly, when the people of God pray…revival comes!

We understand that…”evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

– 2 Timothy 3:13 NKJV

It in the middle of it all, there is STILL A GOD who responds.

Elijah proved the reality of God’s response when he challenged the prophets of Baal and declared that the God who answers by fire is the TRUE GOD.

The Lord did not let down Elijah’s faith, he answered by fire!

The God of the Bible is still able to do ANYTHING that he did in scripture.

This means…

He can answer prayer by sending fire.

He can answer prayer by sending his Spirit.

He can answer prayer by opening prison doors.

He can answer prayer with miracles that shut down the flow of cultural ideas that war against the character and nature of God.

We don’t have to worry…

We don’t have to fear…

What we need to do is PRAY!

Gut wrenching, soul stirring, hatred abolishing, devil killing, life changing prayer is what will move the needle and change the tides.

Rise up man of God and PRAY!

Rise up woman of God and PRAY!

Now more than ever, your prayer is the KEY to change and victory over the darkness rising in our nation and the world.

My constant prayer is for remnant prayer warriors to rise and for God to direct our prayer according to his desire!

Will you pray?

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Larry Shankle

My heart is for the church that Jesus is building and returning for...the church that the gates of hell will not prevail against.
More than anything, the desire of my heart is to see the greatest revival of the Holy Spirit, salvations, spiritual awakening, and for the miraculous to come back to the church, preparing believers for the return of Jesus.

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