Push back the darkness over my town, over my city, over my state, and over my nation.

Where the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy…come and bring life!

For those who are bound by the life of sin and shame, grant repentance and deliverance.
Lord, bring freedom in the midst of fear and rise up like a mighty warrior among your people.

I pray for churches across this nation.

Strengthen the house of God.
Strengthen the people of God.

Release the power of God to freely flow as we assemble and gather under your banner and in your name.

Let the enemy be pushed back, and his powers stripped.
For we know that…

Ephesians 4:8 NKJV
[8] Therefore He says: “When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive, And gave gifts to men.”

You took captivity captive and destroyed the powers of the enemy.

You made an open show of your defeat against satan and every evil foe that seeks to harm the people of God.

Therefore rise up with power in your church.
Pour out your Spirit.
Drench us in the Holy Ghost.

Let the people of God become the warriors for Christ we are created to be.

Not tied down by fear and bondage, but free!

God, if someone needs healing…heal with love and compassion.

God, if someone is broken…mend with tender hands.

God, if someone is straying…pull them back with arms of love.

In particular, I pray for the lost in my community.
I pray for strongholds to be broken.
Family problems…
For every evil spirit that seeks to overthrow people in my community, vanquish those evil spirits with your Holy Spirit.

Cause people to turn to the Lord in droves.
Let there be a hope and a light for those who feel lost in the darkness.

God, for mercy I ask…and grace.
But not just in my community, also throughout our nation.
Rise up and let us see you as the,
Saving God…
Delivering God…
The Holy God!

Thank you Heavenly Father for revival and renewal that is here now and that is coming in greater measure.

In Jesus’ name…Amen.

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Larry Shankle

My heart is for the church that Jesus is building and returning for...the church that the gates of hell will not prevail against.
More than anything, the desire of my heart is to see the greatest revival of the Holy Spirit, salvations, spiritual awakening, and for the miraculous to come back to the church, preparing believers for the return of Jesus.

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