Freedom is coming to the house of the Lord!

In this hour, my Spirit almost cannot contain what is happening inside.
It’s like I can sense the Spirit of the Lord whispering that, release, freedom, power, and outpouring are here.

The waiting period is over and if we step in, God will move.
Not only if we step, but even if the people of God don’t step, the Lord is going to move into the highways and byways and COMPEL people to come in.

There is a last day harvest that we MUST pray for and seek God about.

His presence is ready.
His Spirit is ready.
His anointing and power are ready to flow upon the hungry, the thirsty, the broken, the sick, the weak, and the lost!

If you find yourself in a category like these, get ready…because Holy Spirit is coming for YOU.

He is an ever present help in your trouble and a mighty tower of deliverance for you soul.

Watchman prayer:

Lord, come with glory and might upon your church. Spirit of God, fall fresh upon us and infill us with power to accomplish the works you’ve assigned us to do. We seek your face, O God of Jacob. You are the Lord of heaven’s armies. You are the Lord of hosts, and we know that NOTHING is too hard for you. Give us, the people of God, a greater hunger and thirst than we have ever had before. In Jesus’ name…Amen.

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Larry Shankle

My heart is for the church that Jesus is building and returning for...the church that the gates of hell will not prevail against.
More than anything, the desire of my heart is to see the greatest revival of the Holy Spirit, salvations, spiritual awakening, and for the miraculous to come back to the church, preparing believers for the return of Jesus.


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