So, I had this spiritual dream about a friend of mine.
It’s not often that I have this sort of dream, but, they are becoming a little more frequent. One difference is that, this time, I felt like I needed to write and share this dream here on the blog.

In the dream, my friend was in a very large city. The city was very dirty and run down. It was some kind of industrial type city and looked like it had been under heavy use for a long time. There were factories all over.

It was dark, you could only see because of the street lights. There was plenty of street lights, and when you were near them, you could see well. They enabled you to see quite some distance around and behind your position.

My friend was driving an old fifteen passenger van. The kind that we all used to drive our youth groups around in. It was a beat up old van, and obviously dirty from use, but it seemed to drive well.

I couldn’t see all the people in the van with this person, but my friend was in the driver seat, and I just knew that it was my friend’s family in the van.

Here’s where it gets a little scary…

My friend, in the old van, filled with family, was being chased down by some sort of industrial looking car that seemed to drive on its own, and had the ability to shoot other cars.

It was trying to shoot my friend’s van and get it off the road.

At every turn, my friend in the old van was having a pretty difficult time keeping away from this thing following. The enemy car would get very close, but in the moment, there was always a street light, and somehow, my friend’s old van would turn off on another side street and evade the enemy.

In the dream, I could see my friend’s face, and there were obvious lines of worry, and stress. My friend knew there was something following, but even with this knowledge, my friend could never quite SEE what it was behind the van.

But at just the right time, my friend would know to turn and evade.

The dream sounds bleak, but the point is:

My friend was winning the race, even if only by a little. Even if by a little, my friend was outwitting the enemy, and keeping all the family safe inside that old van.

When I woke up from this dream, I immediately knew it was from the Lord. He spoke to me and said, “continue to pray for your friend. They need prayers to continue staying ahead
of the enemy.“

So, as I got out of bed, I made the resolution to continue praying even harder for my friend.

Here’s the take-a-ways from this dream, and I believe, the reason the Lord also wanted me to write about it…
1. You have friends who are being chased down by the enemy of their soul…They are working hard to save their own families, and they need your prayers to help support what they are doing in the Spirit.

2. If your friends are still on the winning side, and escaping the enemy, your prayers are necessary and vital NOW, not later, so that Holy Spirit can fill them with wisdom to evade the enemy, wisdom to know what to do, and wisdom to continue on the right path.

3. There is enough light to see. The darkness will not overcome the light, but the prayers of the saints are needed to keep the lights on!

4. People are facing things they don’t even realize they are facing. Often, the enemy is so close he could almost touch them. But they are still winning the race. Your friends need to be encouraged through your prayers, and through the power of God which will continue to make them triumph.

Larry Shankle

My heart is for the church that Jesus is building and returning for...the church that the gates of hell will not prevail against.
More than anything, the desire of my heart is to see the greatest revival of the Holy Spirit, salvations, spiritual awakening, and for the miraculous to come back to the church, preparing believers for the return of Jesus.


  1. The Lord was speaking something similar to this to me the morning that I saw your post. A friend had told me before I saw yours that He was speaking the same to her. So there were witnesses enough to pay attention. I praise Him for going before us and leading the way. God bless you!

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