This page is an ongoing list of devotional intercessory prayers that we can agree upon and pray together.

Please share it so others can agree with us and intercede as well!


Lord, I pray that the Spirit of truth be raised up in my nation. Holy Spirit of truth, destroy the lies of the devil that seek to permeate my nation, the Whitehouse, the legislative and judicial branches of government, and open the eyes of those in authority to see the absolute evil of their actions. Remove a spirit of witchcraft from the highest offices in the land and send us revival.

Lord, expose and STOP the wicked schemes of the enemy, in or over my life, over my family, over my children, over my church, over my finances, over my house, over our health, and over the possessions you’ve given us.

God, raise up prayer warriors in the church and Lord, direct their prayers.

Lord, raise up prayer warriors who will carry out the will of God in their prayers and pray the future into existence by allowing the Spirit of God to direct their prayers.

Lord, call people right now…to be prayer warriors over churches, communities, cities, states, regions, nations, and continents…and some over more than one area.

Lord, we pray for those cities where fighting and unrest is occurring. We pray for a remnant of prayer warriors to be raised up. Raise up prayer warriors in Portland and in Chicago and in all places where truth and liberty are being battled against. Direct the prayers of this remnant to seek the face of God and for your Holy Spirit to restore peace and safety. Keep your hand upon those that serve you and give them great boldness for such a time as this. According to scripture, let your Word run SWIFTLY in these places guarding them with a blanket of your truth. Send revival to the church in places where there is the greatest difficulty and raise up a mighty remnant of believers who are intent on serving you with all their heart. #RemantPrayerWarriorsRise

Lord, help us to trust in what you are doing in this time and prepare to hear from you.

Lord, I pray for church leaders, pastors, churches, and intercessors…move upon the leaders of your church, empower them, use them, fill them fresh with your Holy Spirit.

Protect pastors and church leaders from the attack of the enemy…whatever he would send at them, counter it with your Spirit.

Protect and cover the churches and people of God with the blood of Jesus and surround individual churches with mighty warrior angels.

God, open our eyes with spiritual discernment to recognize and pray against the attack of the enemy.

Lord, Turn Our Nation Back To The Ways Of God. Let us once again begin to seek your face. Let our nation call out on the name of the Lord. Send the fire of your Spirit to purify and cleanse us. Wash Away The Sins Of Our Nation Through Your Blood, And Give The People Of God A New Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness And Holiness.

Jesus, protect our nation from spiritual corruption and from the devices of the enemy. We need you! We need you to help us prepare, and to send revival in your church.

Send An Awakening That Will Shake The Nation. Wake Us Up…Wake Us Up. Don’t Let The Sleeping Church Continue In Her Slumber, But Cause Your People To Arise. Send another awakening that will change the hearts and lives of multitudes of people.
Let the awakening shatter strongholds, and take down demonic barriers. Lord, let the awakening destroy the bondage people are in.

Father, I Pray That You Would OPEN The Heavens Over Our Rural Towns And Small Communities. Cause there to be a mighty revival among those who seek you. Open up the heavens over places in this nation that you are currently preparing. Begin To Awaken Prayer Warriors, And Then Direct Their Prayers Into The Things And Purpose Of God.

Our Prayer Is That Multitudes Of Lost People Would Flood And Fill The Churches Across This Nation, And Give Us The Wisdom And Discernment To Know How To Equip Them And Train Them To Become The Army Of God.
Even In The Small, Unexpected, Places, Open Up A Work Of Your Spirit That Is Undeniable.

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